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09 Jun

Read about Microlearning on HRbloggen.se

Posted by Anders Börde

Our mission is to bring forward our knowledge in the area of mobile microlearning. To do this we run our own blog and social sites. To expand range  we need to work with partners that has high credibility and a large fan-base within our target groups.

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Thats why we are proud of the content cooperation we now have with HRBloggen.se. This blog has won several prices and is a natural hub for anyone interested in HR and Learning & Development Trends and inspiration.

Annika Ahnlund, chief editor for HRBloggen has done a great job capturing the essence of “What is Microlearning” in  the article.

Check out the post. Its well written. Its in Swedish and you will also find some new perspectives.

Mikroutbildningar i mobilen – ett lärande i tiden




Annika Ahnlund, Founder and Chief Editor HRBloggen.se


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