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31 Mar

Millennials are setting the standards

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Millennials – a generation of workers that are taking over the the job market. They are known to be highly ambitious, incredibly tech-savvy and confident. Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are natural parts of their upbringing. In fact, these digital platforms are not only an aspect of their life. It is their life. Qualities like these are of course valuable and sought after by modern companies of today.

However, the millennials have different values, aspirations and career goals than previous generations. Companies are seeing a higher level of turnover in this group of co-workers. The millennials tend to be less loyal to their current place of work and they consider switching jobs not as a failure, but a sign of freedom and being a true entrepreneur.

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So how can companies create a work environment and business opportunities that are appealing to this growing breed of employees? And is there a way to keep these talented millennials from seeking a new job and instead grow and develop within your company?

First, you need to understand the drivning forces of the millennials. For them, a big paycheck isn’t what they value the most when it comes to work. They strive for personal development, meaning and the feeling that they work on their own terms. The millennials are ready to work hard,  they are hungry for knowledge and learning new skill but also strongly believe in their right to self-fulfilment. They want flexibility and a job that doesn’t tie them to the office, having them staring into a computer screen all day. They want to feel free and flexible.

Millennials are also taught from an early age that they can become anything and achieve whatever they set their mind to. That means that their careers is a key factor in their life. But they are too ambitious to sit back and climb the corporate ladder the old traditional way—they are looking for an elevator. And if you can’t give them that, they will go on a quest to find a company that will.

How can you give your talented millennials reason to stay? Millennials are wide-eyed and willing to learn, but have little or no patience to play by the old rules of business. Why? Because the old rules don’t apply anymore. Here are three way’s to meet the needs of your talented millennials and make them feel engaged and loyal to your company while playing by the new rules of business – using smart mobile micro learning!

Make room for daily development

With microlearning you can give your millennials the opportunity to grow on a day to day basis. They will appreciate the flexibility and being able to do their training where and when it suits them. And since your millennials always have their smartphone within arms reach, why not use that to make their everyday mobile moments into short, fun and engaging learning moments. Also, with mobile microlearning it’s easy to set up a more personalized training program to fit the hungry and tech-savvy millennial.

Learning by doing – in your smartphone

Millennials have a short attention span when it comes to learning. With microlearning you put bite-sized content right in the hand of your co-worker. This is ideal for this group of younger employees that are used to action oriented knowledge. Skip long lectures, handboks and time-consuming workshops and focus on creating a training program that encourages them to incorporate and practice their newfound knowledge in their day to day work.

Let them become the natural born entrepreneur they are!  

These millennials have grown up watching their peers develop companies like Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Uber and Airbnb. They are a generation that believe that anything is possible, it’s just a matter of how hard you’re willing to work for it. They want to be a part of something great. This is an insight that you can use then creating your company training. Add segments in your training where your millennials can contribute, share ideas, speak their mind and evaluate their own achievements, and they will know that both their boss and management actually cares about them and that the work they are doing actually matters.

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