17 May

E-learning evolution is microlearning in the mobile

Posted by Anders Börde

The new e-learning method microlearning will make sure your company training will become more efficient and a better fit with the modern digitalized work-force.

With microlearning training will be delivered in bite-sizes in your mobile.

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E-Learning is evolving with mobility and digitalisation

girl_mobile 3Studies shows 80% of traditional training is forgotten within 30 days. Why? We think it’s because most training isn’t designed for the way people actually live and work today.

Traditional e-learning is designed for a “sit-still-in front-of-a-pc” behavior. Thousands of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and e-learning platforms are built for desktop usage, but as pc’s no longer are the preferred working tool in modern companies and organisations the concept of e-learning has to evolve and move into mobile devices and mobile context.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is a method that makes It is easy to reach out to your employees with short easy to grasp micro lessons – designed for the way your employees actually live and work today. Microlearning as a strategy can be used to meet specific training needs within a company but it can also be a complement in between and during more traditional training activities such as workshops and lectures.

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