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27 Jun

5 Reasons why microlearning gives higher ROI

Posted by Anders Börde

Microlearing will to some only represent a new and more modern way to run their corporate trainings. For others and especially companies with large number of employees and many training activities going on – it’s a question of necessity to always seek the most cost efficient solutions.

Microlearing delivers higher ROI because training sticks over time and because cost can be saved on logistics and content production.

. . . or could this impact the ROI of your L&D budget 😉

1. Employees don’t leave their “posts”

Taking employees out of their daily work is a huge cost. Either paid extra personnel has to replace the “team” joining the learning event or the consequences of that person not being in operational work may cause a lost sale or a delayed project. One car company we met said the sales people in the stores had at least 8 off-site training days per year. Could we assume that at least one car was not sold due to the absence? Add this up with 100 stores times 10 sales people from each store. . . and that lost sale. Well you can do the math.

2. Cut down on conference facilities

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Instructor led training is often carried out in hotels and conference facilities. Pax price per day can reach between 200 € to 400 €. Arguments for actually having physical training events is many but what if the event could be cut down from 2 to 1 day. This will in many cases be possible if part of program, preparations and after work is being distributed in pieces before and after the seminar day. Company will save money and even you’re employees will appreciate a tighter program and the joy of coming home that night.

3. Produce less and pay less

Micro means small. It can even mean less. Producing for mobile microlearning means that content need to be short, precise and to the point. There is no room for fancy flash animations and films can be produced for smaller budgets as it is shall not be shown on 40 inches widescreens but smaller smartphones and tablets. Production of microlearning content can be radically faster and cheaper than for traditional e-learning.

4. Reuse and rebuild with smaller learning pieces

Another benefit of producing learning content in smaller pieces is that it can easily be reused. Same content new wrapping ! One film used in the sales training can easily pop up again in the leadership training. Reuse of content is of course possible even for e-learning and instructor led presentations but I think we all can agree that remodeling something is far easier of the elements are small.

5. Microlearning platforms cheaper and more flexible than e-learning and LMS

Microlearning platforms tend to not be as complex and expensive as many other learning systems. MOBLRN is an example of a platform which is both reasonable priced and simple to use. Time is past when consultants could charge 3 hours for changing a heading or adding a picture. Customer should be able to serve themselves – if they want !

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