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24 Aug

3 e-learning TRENDS

Posted by Josefine Freij

The latest e-learning trends seem to be showing a
clear focus on user driven development and personalization to increase effectiveness, engagement and to make it more user friendly both for administrators and end users. E-learning is frequently used as a tool both by private individuals to master new skills, schools or organizations and companies of all sizes to train and educate their employees online. Here are 3 of the e-learning trends that we have spotted.

3 e-learning trends


Here is an example of the development towards finding ways to engage the user. Gamification isnt new- although its gaining in popularity. With this type of learning you combine knowledge with games, what you get is a blended learning experience with interaction and fast rewards. The setup usually involves activities connected to a scoring system that is based on certain achievements. Participants can then receive points, badges or compete for the top positions on leaderboards.

There are also functions where one completed task can auto-trigger a task for someone else within the oreganization. This can help to improve the workflow and increase interaction. This way of learning is really something for the competitive organization.


Microlearning, or mLearning, is a growing trend within the e-learning industry. The idea is to encourage the user to consume reduced knowledge in small portions during a certain period of time. It is an effective way to acquire new knowledge and the drip effect makes it easier for the brain to store the information in the long-term memory.

Microlearning in the mobile usually has a higher engagement rate. The reason can be because it means flexibility for on-the-go-user and the short and focused sessions makes it easier to motivate participants. After all, for most of us the mobile phone is constantly present.

It’s gaining in popularity and there are various apps available for download that are based on the bite-sized-learning-method. For example; you can study for your drivers license test, learn new languages or how to coach yourself and change your way of thinking.

You can read more about microlearning in out whitepaper “What is microlearning?” http://www.moblrn.com/blog/knowledge/what-is-microlearning/

Virtual Reality

As products such as Apple Watch, Google Glass or Oculus Rift are getting more and more accessible and affordable to the market, wearable technology is rapidly advancing and rising.

The technology gives the user both an opportunity to interact and opens up the door to new experience based learning. E-learning is one of the indutries that will really gain from incorporating this as a learning method, and not only within the public sector. Take Virtual Reality (VR) for an example, with this as an e-learning tool you can train your staff for different scenarios that could be hard to prepare for without experiencing them.  

In near future the VR-technology will increasingly be considered as a viable alternative to the traditional classroom or seminar environment.

These three trends all have something in common; they point towards increased personalization, interaction and instant feedback – all factors that triggers a higher engagement with the user. We will be seeing less expensive and resource demanding solutions. Instead we will see more of organizations investing in online and customized learning that enables them to be in the leading edge of their business.

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